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Want to build brand advantage in your organization?

License Ironclad’s In-House Method™ to make your brand your superpower.

The In-House Method™ equips your organization to build rigorous brand strategy and brand competency.

What is Ironclad Brand Strategy?

Of all the positions you can gain in the mind of your audience, not all of them are equally attractive. There is a choice of positioning that is more right for you than any other.

This is your Ironclad Brand Strategy. It is a positioning that:

  • Resonates with the audience AND is ownable and distinctive to you.
  • Gratifies a customer’s functional need AND lights them up emotionally.
  • Transmits vividly through messaging AND throughout the customer’s entire experience of your offering.
Ironclad Method™

The In-House Method™ framework and curriculum emboldens your people to build and express your organization’s optimal brand. This becomes the North Star that concentrates and fuels the organization’s enduring growth.

Build Brand Advantage

Many business leaders wonder:

  • How do we stand out?
  • Who is our sweet spot audience?
  • What do we say to them?
  • How do we help a potential customer say “yes”?
  • How can we wield brand as our advantage?

The In-House Method™ emboldens you to answer these questions with conviction, so that these answers become your North Star.

The In-House Method™ enables:

  • A brand strategy that captures your customer-compelling and ownable brand promise and character
  • Organizational core competency in brand marketing
  • A repeatable framework for brand advantage

How does the In-House Method™ work?

The In-House Method™ is a proven, step-by-step, self-guided program for developing rigorous brand strategy and brand competency. This makes brand your organization’s superpower.

An individual in your organization takes our training on how to facilitate an Ironclad Brand Workshop™, and receives the self-guided materials to facilitate this 3-day workshop.

Each of the three days of this self-guided workshop focuses on a sequential phase of brand strategy development: explore, commit and infuse.

  1. characterize

    The Ironclad Brand Workshop™ begins with the Explore workshop day to establish brand context. Participants explore the sweet spot customer, primary competition, organizational strengths, and character. The surfaced insights form rich raw material for your brand strategy.

  2. stage

    In the Infuse workshop day, participants identify each moment of the customers’ journey with the brand. Explicitly describing the stages allows you to tailor messaging and product for maximum impact. You come to see brand in everything the organization does. The team can then lead with an Ironclad Brand Strategy that serves as the organization’s North Star.

  3. activate creative

    In the Infuse Phase, you guide participants to identify each stage of their customer’s journey with their brand. Explicitly describing the stages allows them to tailor their messaging and product offering for maximum impact. They come to see brand in everything their organization does. They will lead with an Ironclad Brand Strategy that serves as the organization’s North Star.

Ironclad Springboard

What does Ironclad In-House include?

Ironclad Brand Workshop™

  • Self-guided “workshop in a box” experience through which your Ironclad Brand Coach™ facilitates your leadership team
  • Detailed workshop presentation decks for the coach to leverage in order to facilitate with confidence and ease
  • Video teachings from Lindsay Pedersen embedded into each workshop presentation for participants to learn powerful brand tools while brand building
  • Deliverable template for your brand strategy document
  • Participant “owners’ manuals” for your team
  • At the end of the 3-day workshop, you have built a final brand strategy with next steps and a roll-out plan to instill brand skills across the organization

Train the Trainer

  • Webinar training (half-day) for your organization’s future Ironclad Brand Coach™
  • 2 Q&A coaching sessions for the Ironclad Brand Coach™ with Lindsay Pedersen of Ironclad Brand Strategy
  • Completion certificate to mark the trained individual as your organization’s designated Ironclad Brand Coach™

Ongoing access to Ironclad’s brand training material for further competency building

  • Organization can access and utilize this brand material for the duration of the licensing agreement
Bring Ironclad In-House
Lindsay Speaking

Build Brand Advantage

Lindsay Pedersen developed the In-House Method™ by drawing from her classic marketing training at the Clorox Company, as well as from her experience building brands from burgeoning startups and nonprofits to multinational companies like Starbucks, T-Mobile, Zulily, Princess Cruises and Duolingo.

Bring Ironclad In-House

Lindsay Pedersen on Ironclad In-House

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Leaders that want laser focus are bringing Ironclad In-House to define and express brand positioning for maximum impact.

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